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It’s self-assembly cabin system. All the components are standardized and precision-made using CNC machines. The assembly time for a cabin is short as there is no sawing, screwing or sealing to do. A cabin Acoustic Booth can even be assembled ready for use by a single person within an hour. The high quality of workmanship makes a low-depreciation investment which can simply be moved after years in place or extended within the standardized 30 cm grid pattern.

Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, sound booth not only save you unnecessary costs, they also save time and grief during installation. The standard cabins have precise installation instructions, all the components are numbered and every cabin is assembled and checked prior to shipping. It is then sent out all ready for you to make music.


The Sound Booth are not just strong on acoustics, they are also nice look & design.

Price: AED 25000/-
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